Clients Case Studies

Chirl Brings Patent Tape Measure Through From Design To Market

Chirls client, SECA Innovations, the patent holder of the multihook tape measure, enlisted the help of Chirl to turn his patented  invention into a reality. SECA had approached major tool manufacturers to make his product, however all failed to deliver on SECA innovations two main requirements of quality of product and value for money.

Within four weeks Chirl had assisted SECA Innovations in engineering the tape hook and designing an ergonomic housing unique to the multihook tape. Chirl were entrusted with turning sketches and prototypes into 3D drawings and renderings, tooling the product for manufacture, manufacturing the tape, strict quality control monitoring and distribution of this unique product.

The success of this project is the result of the dynamic partnership between SECA and Chirl. The design, engineering and manufacture of this product have all been carried out based on the cornerstones of quality, trust and meticulous attention to detail. Chirl are now working on more new product due for release in 2010.

Chirl Audits Northern Ireland Company's Chinese Manufacturers

Chinese manufacturers

Chirl Sourcing Solutions was approached by a company based in the North of Ireland and involved in spare parts for the petro-chemical industry. Chirl was asked to audit and assess its current suppliers in China.

Chirl audited the manufacturer that the client had been dealing with and presented a full report to the client. Chirl was able to negotiate more favourable terms with the manufacturer and arrange more efficient shipping techniques to save the customer time and money.

The success of this partnership has not only led to substantial growth in the client's business, but Chirl has also worked with the client on designing a new tooling to further its product range and increase business.

Electrical Manufacturer & Distributor Drastically Reduce Prices

china manufacturers

The electrical/electronics sector is always under pressure to reduce prices. Couple this with increasing material and manufacturing costs and these companies are in danger of having to drastically reduce their margins.

Due to these pressures, a leading electrical manufacturer and distributor approached Chirl to replace its current range of hand dryers. Chirl's belief is that reducing costs does not have to come at the expense of quality. Therefore Chirl concentrated on the higher end of the market and was able to source products that not only fit the requirements but exceeded them and drastically reduced costs.

The success of this project has led to numerous new enquiries from this client.

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