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Chirl Audits Northern Ireland Company's Chinese Manufacturers

China manufacturers

Chirl Sourcing Solutions Ltd was approached by a Northern Ireland based company involved in spare parts for the petro-chemical industry to audit and asses their current suppliers in China...

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Chirl Sourcing Steps



Global overview :


Once an enquiry has been made to Chirl we will set up a meeting / conference to establish all requirements of the client, Including technical specification, samples, quantities and any relevant Quality / safety requirements


Samples are requested from Shortlisted manufacturers in order evaluate and asses the product and to make any necessary changes. Sampling continues until a final product specification and sampled have been agreed and signed off.

Manufacturer Selection

At this stage we will carefully asses a selection of ISO approved Chinese manufacturers. The most suitable manufacturer for the client's needs will be selected.


Chirl will supply the client with an aggressive quote along with credit conditions and terms of payment. Various shipping options will be supplied with their respective Lead-Times and the client can chose the most appropriate option for their needs. Samples will be arranged at this time.

Product Production

Client's place their order and agree delivery dates and dead-lines. Chirl will oversee the operation through manufacture, shipping and delivery to ensure all problems are handled swiftly and don't effect the schedule.

Shipment Inspections

Before any shipment leaves the factory Chirl inspection teams will do a final inspection to ensure all specifications and packaging requirements have been met.


A successful delivery! Clients enjoy the benefits of low unit costs obtained by sourcing from China and Asia with Chirl Sourcing Solutions. Further orders and alterations can be made at this point to further benefit from our sourcing service.

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