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Electrical Manufacturer & Distributor Drastically Reduce Prices

Sourcing from china

The electrical/electronics sector is always under pressure to reduce prices. Couple this with increasing material and manufacturing costs and these companies are in danger of having to drastically reduce their margins...

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About Us 

china import and export

Chirl Sourcing Solutions is your partner for sourcing high quality products and components from China. Tap into our network of contacts in China and benefit from our experience of doing business in that unique culture. Save time on sourcing products from China. Doing business with Chirl means no more language barriers and no more wasted time!!

Quality Focus

Our meticulous auditing of Chinese manufacturers ensures that you will only receive the finest quality products and components. We work on the ground with the factories overseeing your productÍs production from start to finish and we perform shipment inspections before it leaves the factory to ensure the quality we know you expect.


Competitive Prices

Because of our strong track record of doing business in China and our local presence there, we can secure more favourable rates from manufacturers than you might achieve contacting them direct. Pricing is competitive and our local team works hard to drive prices down to the lowest possible level.

Quality, transparency, and efficiency are the hallmarks of our service.

Key Sectors

As a service orientated company, Chirl can apply our experience of locating and auditing high quality manufacturing facilities to a wide variety of industries.

The key areas Chirl serves are:

  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • New Products
  • Promotional Accessories
  • Construction & Household Products
  • Furniture
  • Industrial steel & aluminium products
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Packaging & Consumerables
  • Electrical & Electronic